mersault's Journal

distraced by expectation
26 September 1978
3wk, 4ad, a happy death, absurdity, age of mythology, alice in wonderland, anime, artist, authenticity, bjork, black lace, books, brainstorm, c.s. lewis, camus, caramel macchiato, celexa, chaos, cheshire cat, chet baker, christmas lights, cigarettes, clouds, coffee, computers, creativity, cuddling, cunning linguists, dandelions, david lynch, dead can dance, death, delerium, depeche mode, despair, destruction, dialog, disintegration, donnie darko, dreaming, drowning, earl grey tea, eclipses, edward gorey, edward scissorhands, ee cummings, endless, existentialism, expression, fall, falling stars, fiction, fishnets, five minutes ago, flannel, game cube, geek, gestures, half smiles, hibernation, honesty, honey, intellectual discourse, intelligence, invader zim, jeff buckley, joy division, jthm, kids in the hall, kingdom hearts, kissing, leonard cohen, lewis carroll, literature, los halos, lying in bed, massive attack, memento, mensa, meteors, milan kundera, mismatched socks, monty python, morning glories, morpheus, munch, my bloody valentine, mythology, neil gaiman, neurontin, nightmare before christmas, nosferatu, orbital, philosophy, photography, pi, pommegranate, portishead, preludes and nocturnes, projekt, ps2, psychology, rainy days, ramblings, reading, robert anton wilson, run lola run, sandman, sartre, seroquel, sex, silent hill 2, silk, sleeping, smoke, snowflakes, stars, stream of conscious, sugar, surrealism, the church, the cure, the fall, the last unicorn, the pixies, the smiths, the stranger, the strokes, the wake, the young ones, this mortal coil, thought, till we have faces, tim burton, today, tomorrow, tori amos, truth, twilight, twin peaks, vampires, vanilla vodka, vast, velvet, warmth, words, writing, xbox, yesterday, you